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The Radar
Smart radar level sensor with generic RS485 output
Smart radar level sensor with generic RS485 output

The first flat array antenna for liquid tank gauging. This software driven array allows for each sensor to remotely configure itself for the type of product as well as the structural characteristics within each tank.

It is completely self-diagnostic and is factory calibrated using a laser interferometer to .1mm. It is designed for the harshest environments and can be provided in a high temperature version to 385°F. It is intrinsically safe with Class 1, Div. 1, Group D & C approvals.

As a smart sensor, all processing calculations and software are resident in the device itself, only a high level generic data output, i.e., RS485 (or other on request) is sent to the cargo control area.

A single cable is connected to the sensor that carries power in and data buss out. Optional cables can be connected to input temperature and IG pressure and take advantage of the data buss in the smart sensor and eliminate additional on deck cable runs.

  • Multiple alarm set-points
  • Temperature
  • PV Pressure
  • I.G. Pressure
  • Big Blue Graphic Display
  • On Deck LCD Display
  • Tank Management Software
  • High Temperature -40°F to 385°F version
  • Automated draft and trim
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